Quest crafting Artisan's Saga: Suza's Last Stand
Sphere Crafting
Journal Level 20
Journal Size Solo
Level Offered 15
Prerequisites none
Starting Location -84542, -3595, 4824 in Ahgram (-14, -11)
Starting Chunk Ahgram
Ending Chunk Ahgram
Offered By Lulu Hikat
Quest Series Artisan's Saga Crafting Timeline
Previous Artisan's Saga: Nelon`s Greatest Creation
Concurrent with: none
Next Artisan's Saga: Whisper of the Ulvari
XP Reward 76800 (scales with your level)
Coin Reward Gold 1 Silver 0 Copper 0
Free to Play yes
Armor Reward yes
Repeatable no
Faction Needed
Presence Needed


  • Locate Suza
  • Find Informatin on Suza
  • Hunt Suza Down
  • Prevent Suza's Escape
  • Stop Suza's Plans

Hunt down the Cartheon necromancer name Suza and stop his plans to overrun Qalia with the primal elemental forces.



  • Royal Engineer's Apron (Crafting Apron, +5 Problem, +5 Reasoning, +5 Ingenuity, +5 Finesse, +7 Station, +7 Utility, +7 Tool, Crafting Attributes +5, 1, 1)


Choice of:


You get a helper for this part of the quest (Captain Rajan Jastur, Ahgram Commander). If you have a flying mount, Captain Rajan will travel with you in the air.

If you don't have a flying mount go to the ladder at /loc -35458, -21857, 1825 in Ahgram (-14, -11). To climb the ladder, jump up then move forward in the air. Repeat about 3 or 4 times to get to the top. Suza will be on your left.

Talk to Suza and choose attack again. Suza disappears. Examine the stack of clickable books where Suza was standing.

Suza's new location in in the east of the city near the water. If traveling on foot, head outside the city and enter the warehouse area near Conscript Koosha.

Once inside, you will see a large elemental golem and Suza standing next to it. Confront Suza and use the wand. You obtain his finger as he escapes. Right-click Suza's Notes in your inventory to obtain the finishing recipe Elemental Banishment.

Head to the finishing table, right-click Suza's Finger to obtain some lich flesh, and complete the recipe.

Once you have crafted the banishment item, return to the Ancient Elemental Golem by the dock section.

Talk to the Elemental and select option to use the item.

Head back to Lulu to get your rewards.

  • Note* If you log out before you complete this quest, Captain Rajan Jastur will disappear. If you want his help, you'll have to abandon the quest and re-take it to get him back.

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