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Ashlyn Blackshield
Name Ashlyn Blackshield
Descriptor Banisher Commander
Adventure Level 50
Gender Female
Race Dwarf
Continent Thestra
Chunk New Targonor
Town City of New Targonor
Area The City of New Targonor, Citizen's Forum, Banishers Sanctuary
Location -28946, 28045, 36546 in New Targonor (-27, 24)
128|-27|24|-28946, 28045, 36546, Ashlyn Blackshield||||||||
Civic Diplomacy No
Regional Trader No


Starts QuestsEdit




Ends QuestsEdit





Detailed InformationEdit

Could you tell me more about yourself?

Ashlyn shakes her head. "I don't really have any interest in telling my life story, CHARACTER_NAME. I have long given up my life in Bordinar's Cleft and find the workings of my clan insignificant. Suffice to say I serve the Banishers loyally."

I'd like to know more about the Banishers.

Ashlyn folds her arms across her chest and gives you a stoic nod. "Certainly. Our organization is dedicated to destroying otherworldly threats that affect the races and people in all of Telon. As you can expect, this means we are dealing with the djinn on Qalia, the ulvari menace that plagues Kojan, and the Cartheon undead armies that have pushed across the western half of Thestra."


Known IssuesEdit

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