Attuning Catalysts are added during step 2 of the crafting process.

Tier1 / Tier 2 (Dust)Edit

Con: Drifter, Wayfarer

Dex: Brigand, Brute

Str: Sentry, Protector

Vit: Votary, Fanatic

Wis: Mystic, Oracle

Int: Charlatan, Grifter

Tier 3 / Tier 4 (Powder)Edit

Diligence - Con / Dex: Vandal, Vagrant

Vigor - Dex / Con: Raider, Bandit

Virture - Str / Dex: Defender, Guardian

Refinement - Vit / Con: Devotee, Acolyte

Acumen - Wis / Vit: Elder, Sage

Deftness - Int / Wis: Observer, Pupil

Tier 5 (Crystals)Edit

Vigilant - Con / Dex / Vit: Vagabond

Brawn - Dex, Con, Str: Pariah

Veneration - Str / Dex / Vit: Cavalier

Reverence - Vit / Con / Str: Zealot

Vision - Wis / Vit / Con: Prophet

Brilliance - Int / Wis / Vit: Scholar

Source: Infomap -

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