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Name Baston Callar
Descriptor None
Adventure Level 50
Gender Male
Race Thestran Human
Continent Unknown
Chunk Unknown
Town Unknown
Area Unknown
Location 28358, -19436, 34938 in Tursh
Civic Diplomacy Unknown
Regional Trader Unknown


Starts QuestsEdit



Ends QuestsEdit



Civic DiplomacyEdit


Clothing Merchant

  • Boots (Dark Brown, Dark Grey, Black, Dark Red, Gray, Light Gray, Tan, White)
  • Breeches (Dark Brown, Gray, Tan)
  • Cuffed Gloves (Black, Dark Gray)
  • Long Heavy (Black, Brown, Dark Brown)
  • Short Sleeve Shirt / Vest (Beige/Lt Gray, Blue-Gray/Blue, Dk Gray/White)
  • Tunic (Gray/Black, Beige/Brown, Wine Red White)
  • Vest (Lt Brown, Purple White-trim, White White-Trim)
  • Hooded Cloak (Tan / Black Trim, Black Red-Trim, Black White-Trim)

Notes: Located in the Crafting barn.

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