This article is not a list of known bugs.

Vanguard: Saga of Heroes had one of the worst retail releases in the history of MMO gaming.

The game was unstable and, by any objective standard, incomplete. Despite its lengthy development process the release was hurried and quality suffered as a result.

Stability Edit

Client crashes have been a feature of the game since launch. Commonly known as a 'crash to desktop' or CTD, a client crash was often triggered by changes in zone or chunk. This meant that several common in-game actions could trigger a CTD including crossing a chunk line, recalling to bindstone, recalling to house, using a dockmaster or a riftway. Logging out of the game could also result in a client crash.

Memory leaks were a contributing factor to the client's instability. Client crashes occasionally caused an entire system crash, featuring the appearance of the infamous BSOD. Documented memory leaks associated with texture processing have since been fixed to some extent.

The chunk buff bug could also cause CTDs. Buffs from armor and items including (continental effects) were stripped on leaving a chunk and added back in on entering the next one. This process sometimes caused a crash, fixed in a later patch.

Omissions Edit

In the minds of some players, the developers had made promises they failed to keep. Two examples often cited on various forums were brotherhoods (originally 'fellowships') and flying mounts.

The released game contained no raid content, or indeed a working raid group feature. While this is not uncommon in new-release MMOs, more than a year on from retail Vanguard still did not have much in the way of end-game content. This belied the game's suggested target audience of hard-core players who would expect longevity in the form of high-end content.

Kojan: An Unfinished Continent Edit

The Vanguard world is huge. The task of filling zones with content on three different continents proved impossible for the Sigil team in the available time, and thus the oriental-inspired Kojan/Martok areas contained little content suitable for characters higher than level 30. There remains tremendous potential within the Kojan art and lore that is as yet unexplored by the developers.

A Loyal Fan Base Edit

Despite Vanguard's troubled first year, it has developed a staunch following of hardcore players; fans of Vanguard's innovative design, and those who feel too invested in the game to give up on it.

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