Name: Ca'ial Brael
Level 1
Size Solo
Chunk Ca'ial Brael
Continent Kojan
Theme Wood Elf city in the trees.
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Editor's NotesEdit

A zone of the southern islands of Kojan containing a city of the same name. It is a heavily forested area with various Wood Elf and Raki structures.

The woods are home to various fauna such as okami, deer, snakes, hostile wisps, molesharks, and vinewalkers. In the northeastern area live a tribe of gorgaloks known as Gataro.

Ca'ial Brael is a large city in the boughs of a forest, in the southernmost island of Kojan. It is the starting city of Wood Elves and the enigmatic Raki. The city is ruled by a committee of 7 Wardens, each governing various affairs of the city: Day, Night, Sun, Moon, Beasts, Flames, and Wind. The wardens of day and night are keepers of knowledge, including that which few wish to know.

The central tree holds the market and bank, with branches extending out to other tree structures of the city. The Raki and Wood Elves studying the arcane arts and ways of spirits and Jin work in the dark Hall of Glyphs. Soldiers and mercenaries train at the Tree of Blades. And craftsmen seek work at the Hall of Artisans.

To the west lie the docks of Tawar Galan. To the north lie Jalen's Crossing. On the south edge of the city lies the Glade of the Lost, a place where spirits of the deceased have begun to wander.

The city has been plagued by a hostile race of dryads known as the Vaelwyn, who have small makeshift citadels on the outskirts. In addition, an aquatic race known as the Gataro have become hazardous to travelers along the creeks. Of greater concern however is the possible return of the otherworldly Ulvari, whom the Raki have tried to seal away. 1

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