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A common question for new crafters is which primary and secondary harvesting skill to choose when starting out.

There are three philosophies in Vanguard.

  1. Choose based on crafting profession
    1. The common materials of the professions basic recipes
    2. The most common material used by the profession and the upgrade item
  2. Choose based on harvesting convenience (nodes found nearby).
  3. Harvest using an alt


  • Quarrying / Lumberjacking
  • Lumberjacking / Skinning (Carpenter - Weapons)
  • Lumberjacking / Reaping (Carpenter - Focii)
  • Quarrying / Skinning (Minerologist - Weapon)
  • Quarrying / Cloth (Minerologist - Focii)
  • Quarrying / Mining (Minerologist - Jewelry)


  • Mining / Reaping (Armorsmith)
  • Mining / Quarrying (Weaponsmithin)


  • Reaping / Skinning
  • Reaping / Quarrying (Tailor)
  • Skinning / Mining (Leatherworker)

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