When you target a mob you will see a number of dots around its icon. The colour of the dots indicates the mob's level relative to your own, and the number of dots indicates the intended encounter type.

Number of dots:

  • 1 dot - weaker than normal mob for any encounter.
  • 2 dot - standard mob intended for solo encounters.
  • 3 dot - mob is probably too difficult to solo at your level. It is intended that two or three players are required to kill this mob, although if it is lower level than you, you may be able to solo it.
  • 4 dot - mob is definitely too difficult to solo at your level and probably below your level. It is intended that a full group of five or six players is required to kill this mob.
  • 5 dot - 'boss' - challenging encounter for a full party at level, should be impossible for less.
  • 6 dot - raid mob. It is intended that more than one party is required to kill this mob.

Color of dots:

Mob level relative to your own changes the damage dealt and received, and likelihood of resists, etc. You should aim to kill white or yellow mobs for good xp, and may find it possible to kill red mobs. Blues and below are quicker kills for lower xp. Mob levels also effect aggro range and speed. The higher level a mob relative to you, the further its aggro range extends.

  • Grey - this mob is so far below your current level that you will not receive xp for killing it.
  • Green - the mob is four levels below you.
  • Light Blue - the mob is two/three levels below you.
  • Dark Blue - the mob is one level below you.
  • White - the mob is the same level as you.
  • Yellow - the mob is one or two levels higher than you.
  • Red - the mob is more than two levels higher than you.
  • Purple - the mob is death warmed up and roaming about waiting to smush you.
You can also /con mobs and it will tell you not only a level (during beta only) but whether you're likely to be able to kill it at your level, and whether it is 'more difficult' than usual (which often indicates a named mob).

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