This article outlines the quests in the CIS quest line.

  1. Strange Things Are Afoot (Cloak)
    1. Avoiding the Whip
      1. Help the Runaway
      2. Collect Samples of Ore for Donovan
  2. Infineum Immunity (Ring)
    1. The Purification Ritual
      1. Vengence
  3. Immunity Potion (Earring)
    1. Golem Power Sources
    2. Robes of the Cultists
    3. Infineum Weapons (Basic Weapon / Infineum Weapon Recipe)
      1. The Art of Forging Infineum
    4. Using the Weapon (Weapon Upgrade)
    5. The Summoning
  4. Society Writ of Membership
    1. Rewrought Infineum Armor (Infineum Armor Recipe)
    2. Forged Infineum Armor
    3. The Ageless One (Legendary Weapon)


Save at least one Scavenged Infineum Armor should you come across it before the Rewrought Infineum Armor quest.

Thanks to members of Twylighte Song Guild on Telon Server (Hambrosio, Ventari, Taelnayeal, and others) for their help and patience gathering this information.

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