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Crafting titles are obtained by completing various quests in the game.


  • Novice Artificer (Prefix) level 1-10
  • Amateur Artificer (Prefix) level 11-20
  • Apprentice Artificer (Prefix) level 21-30
  • Initiate Artificer (Prefix) level 31-40
  • Journeyman Artificer (Prefix) level 41-50


  • Novice Blacksmith (Prefix) level 1-10
  • Amateur Blacksmith (Prefix) level 11-20
  • Apprentice Blacksmith (Prefix) level 21-30
  • Initiate Blacksmith (Prefix) level 31-40
  • Journeyman Blacksmith (Prefix) level 41-50
  • Armorsmith (Prefix)
  • Weaponsmith (Prefix)


  • Novice Outfitter (Prefix) level 1-10
  • Amateur Outfitter (Prefix) level 11-20
  • Apprentice Outfitter (Prefix) level 21-30
  • Initiate Outfitter (Prefix) level 31-40
  • Journeyman Outfitter (Prefix) level 41-50
  • Tailor (Prefix)
  • Leatherworker (Prefix)

Quest EarnedEdit

  • Charm Maker (Prefix)
  • Fiend Hunter (Prefix)
  • Imperial Artisan (Prefix)
  • Sultan's Artisan (Prefix)
  • Trading Company Merchant (Prefix)
  • Trading Company Officer (Prefix)
  • Camarilla Spellcrafter (Prefix)

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