Dawn's SignEdit

The Dawn's Sign are a group of bounty hunters working out of New Targonor.

They offer a short line of quests for Level 40+ crafters.

Where are they?Edit

Head to New Targonor, but instead of going into the city proper, head down the elevator and run down towards the docks. Once you come out of the underground tunnel and reach the docks themselves, take a right turn (you will then be heading south). You will soon pass some buildings on your right side. The Dawn's Sign NPCs are stood in the open between two of the buildings.

Key PeopleEdit

Sydon Blaze, Dawn's Sign leader

  • Sydon is the leader of this group, and he is the one who offers the Quests.

Brigette Ryner



Introductory TextEdit

Sydon clasps your shoulder and leans in close as he speaks in an amused tone. "Simply put, my friend, we are a group of bounty hunters. We're fairly new, and just need a skilled artisan to complete our ranks. When we've finished recruiting, we'll be taking jobs in New Targonor and start making a name for ourselves."

Sydon bows his head to you. "I am Sydon Blaze, negotiator and spellweaver for the Dawn's Sign."

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