Dexterity is an adventuring attribute, of prime importance to melee and ranged damage dealers while still quite useful to other classes.

Your dexterity score determines:

  • the critical hit chance of your melee attacks;
  • the damage you deal with ranged weapons;
  • the chance you have to dodge an attack;
  • the chance you have to completely resist a spell;
  • the bonus chance you have to successfully defend with defensive abilities; and
  • the bonus chance you have to successfully recognize and react to enemy abilities.

Note that dexterity does not improve your critical chance with spells.

Dextrous RacesEdit

Race Dexterity bonus each level
Halfling +3
Wood Elf +2
Dark Elf +1
Half Elf +1
Kojani Human +1 *
Mordebi Human +1 *
Qaliathari Human +1 *
Thestran Human +1 *
Raki +1
Vulmane +1

* Humans may spend an additional point in Dexterity each level if desired, but do not receive it automatically.

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