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Author: Anaku


I'm just starting to experiment with macros, so this may change, but this is what I have so far.

First of all, realize that the DK isn't really a good class for true macros. We only have 3 basic combat abilities that don't affect global cooldown, and none of them are true attacks:

  • Dreadful Visage: DC builder
  • Provoke: Agro builder
  • Backlash - returns half of the next attack damage to the attacker

Of course, there is the obvious macros that every DK knows about:

Shadowstep/Harrow (backstab life tap)

Shadowstep/Phantasmal Blade (crowd control stun)

but these abilities are situational in nature and rarely useful in a normal raid combat situation.

So, the "macros" I've made are really a spam list of abilities, ordered by importance. The idea is to keep hitting the macro button over and over to minimize the time between ability use.

I've created 4 of them, for different situations.

DK as MT, DC < 5

  • /pet attack
  • /cast "Dreadful Visage III" (DC builder, no global cooldown)
  • /cast "Provoke V" (agro builder, no global cooldown)
  • /cast "Incantation of Hate" (DoT and agro builder)
  • /reactionchain 1 (Hex of Ill Omen IV / Hex of Impending Doom III - I put this first because not only does it debuff the mob, but it also buffs your subsequent dps against this mob)
  • /reactionchain 2 (Incite IV / Inflame III - agro builders )
  • /cast "Slay III" (biggest dps ability, only useful with mob < 20% health)
  • /reactionchain 5 (Wrack V / Ruin IV - finishing attacks)
  • /cast "Backlash II" (returns half of next incoming dmg to mob, no global cooldown)
  • /cast "Malice VI" (big basic attack)
  • /cast "Vexing Strike VII" (small basic attack)

DK as MT, DC = 5

  • /cast "Provoke V"
  • /cast "Incantation of Hate"
  • /reactionchain 1
  • /reactionchain 2
  • /cast "Slay III"
  • /reactionchain 5
  • /cast "Bane" (biggest single attack - spiritual - very long refresh)
  • /cast "Ancient Word of Doom" (spiritual nuke - long refresh)
  • /cast "Mutilate IV" (large melee attack - long refresh)
  • /cast "Backlash II"
  • /cast "Malice VI"
  • /cast "Vexing Strike VII"

not MT, DC < 5

  • /pet attack
  • /cast "Dreadful Visage III"
  • /cast "Slay III"
  • /reactionchain 1
  • /reactionchain 5
  • /cast "Malice VI"
  • /cast "Vexing Strike VII"

not MT, DC = 5

  • /cast "Bane"
  • /cast "Ancient Word of Doom"
  • /cast "Mutilate IV"
  • /cast "Slay III"
  • /reactionchain 1
  • /reactionchain 5
  • /cast "Malice VI"
  • /cast "Vexing Strike VII"

I haven't decided yet if it is a good idea to put the long refresh attacks (Bane, Ancient Word of Doom, Mutilate) into the macro or to use them more situationally. Right now, I have them in the macro because the refresh time is short enough that you can typically use them about every other fight.

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