Quest adventuring Earning Their Trust
Sphere Adventuring
Journal Level 31
Journal Size Solo
Level Offered
Starting Location 13008, 47352, 48701 Southwatch (-28, 25)
128|-28|25|13008, 47352, 48701,Lord Hugo Heartsworn||||||||
Area Upper Floor of Heartsworn Bulwark.
Starting Chunk Southwatch
Ending Chunk Southwatch
Offered By Lord Hugo Heartsworn
Quest Series none
Previous Preparing For Infiltration
Concurrent with:
Next Outright Lie
XP Reward 43639
Coin Reward Silver 4 Copper 50
Free to Play yes
Repeatable no
Faction Needed
Presence Needed


Equip the Red Sparrow Outfit and return to the Red Sparrow Encampment located north of Heartsworn Keep. Speak with a Red Sparrow Member to discern who is in charge of the encampment. Once revealed, speak with the leader to learn the location of their base.


  • Red Sparrow Encampment



Talk to Old Woman Sparrowsong.

Head to the location provided by Lord Heartsworn.

I found one masks on:

  • Tarissa the Silent (3-dot aggro)

I found pants on

  • Red Sparrow Duelist

Found vest on

  • Red Sparrow Mangler

Put on the uniform and talk to on of the NPC's in the camp. I talked to the named Tarissa the Silent. The Captain will appear and have a job for you.




Known IssuesEdit

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