The festivals of Gloriann take place between mid-December and mid-January.

The Festival of Gloriann is a world event that takes place in December each year, and resembles a western Christmas celebration. The festival revolves around the story of the legendary Atnas Claws and his 'gift-giving spirit'.

During the festival, decorated Christmas trees appear in the major cities of Telon, along with free gifts and presents that can be obtained by players. Exclusive items are also available to collect during this event, such as the Randolph mount first offered in 2010.

Pilgrims have made their way to the locations where the Avatars of Gloriann have appeared to participate in festival activities. Speaking with these pilgrims can offer insight into the lore of the festival.



  • Avatar Vendor Locations:
    • New Targonor -64430, -74654, 35715 (-27, 24) (Entrance Bridge near Rift)
    • Tanvu 39446, -24279, 5464 (-19, 6) (Outside Emperor`s Palace)
    • Khal 948, -61114, 1239 (-13,-9) (South of the Bindstone)

Finch and GhalnnEdit

In 2012, Finch and Ghalnn were added to this event. Finch and Ghalnn are envious of Gloriann’s Festival and are looking to stir up trouble. They’ve created three monstrosities (with varying levels of difficulty) and set them loose on the good people of Telon. It’s up to adventurers to slay them and recover the stolen presents.

Treats and CookiesEdit

The treats change your form and provide random buff. E.g. Water Breathing, Levitation.

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