Quest crafting Genesis: Puzzle Pieces
Sphere Crafting
Journal Level 53
Journal Size Solo
Level Offered 50
Prerequisites none
Starting Location -54434, 23304, 36613 in New Targonor (-27,24)
Area  ?
Starting Chunk New Targonor
Ending Chunk New Targonor
Offered By Luccan Bell
Quest Series Genesis Crafting Timeline
Previous Genesis: The Bookseller
Concurrent with: none
Next Genesis: Back Together
XP Reward 1,300,500
Coin Reward Gold 2 Silver 50 Copper 0
Free to Play yes
Armor Reward yes
Repeatable no
Faction Needed
Presence Needed


  • Genesis Core (1)
  • Genesis Metal Parts (1)
  • Genesis Crystals (1)
  • Genesis Residue (1)
  • Genesis Conduit (1)
  • Genesis Lens (1)
  • Genesis Scroll (1)
  • Genesis Liquid (1)
  • Genesis Wire (1)
  • Genesis Orb (1)
  • Genesis Flame (1)

Collect the parts needed to reactivate the Genesis using the given location in the journal. Avoid interference from the rival treasure hunters led by the Coinman. return to Luccan Bell when finished.


  • N/A


  • First Genesis Part
  • Second Genesis Part
  • Third Genesis Part
  • Fourth Genesis Part
  • Fifth Genesis Part
  • Sixth Genesis Part
  • Seventh Genesis Part
  • Eight Genesis Part
  • Ninth Genesis Part
  • Tenth Genesis Part


  • Arifact Hunter Mask (Crafting Head, +47 Finesse, +31 Crafting Station Use, +31 Crafting Station Use, +31 Crafting Station Use, 48, 53, Gold)
  • Arifact Hunter Boots (Crafting Head, +34 Problem Solving, +23 Crafting Station Use, +23 Crafting Station Use, +23 Crafting Station Use, 48, 53, Gold)


You can do this in any order. Follow your compass as you select each to find the exact location.

The bookseller will give you the initial part you need (Genesis Core).

  1. Metal parts: Located in the 3 rivers village under the Bloodaxe bridge.(Thestra) 56675, 41547, 45377)
  2. Crystals: Located on a corpse in Jharru Flats (Qalia) (-3902, -13452, 2495)
  3. Residue: Located in a tree trunk at the Whitefawn Retreat in Ca'ial Brael (Kojan) (26641, -19855, 24807)
  4. Conduit: Located in Konarthi Point docks in an ark behind some boxes (Thestra) (6445, -7563, 637)
  5. Lens: Located behind a tomb in a jug in Coastal Graveyard (Thestra)
  6. Scroll: Located in a chest outside the walls Ahgram in the ship building area near master outfitter. (Qalia) (-7940, -22111, 223)
  7. Liquid: Located in a cart near the west inside wall of Afrit (Qalia) (-54471, -23508, 483)
  8. Wire: Located in the West Cliffs of Ghelgad overlooking Khal (Qalia) in tower on second floor in a strongbox. (-54190, 44983, 44700)
  9. Orb: Located in Tanvu (Kojan) above the Gataro Stronghold in a crate.(-63030, 62345, 7374)
  10. Flame: Located on the orc invasion beach south of rift behind a ruined building in Tomb of Lord Tsang (Kojan) (-17605, 75540, 623)


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