Quest adventuring Hard Preparations
Sphere Adventuring
Journal Level 22
Journal Size Solo
Level Offered xx
Prerequisites none
Starting Location 58188, -85450, 1262 in The Temple of Dailuk (-14, 10)
Area East of the Missive Board
Starting Chunk The Temple of Dailuk
Ending Chunk The Temple of Dailuk
Offered By Namog Nanaba
Quest Series none
Previous Messy Beats
Concurrent with: none
XP Reward
Coin Reward Silver 4Copper 80
Free to Play yes
Jewelry Reward yes
Repeatable no
Faction Needed
Presence Needed


  • Spirits Absorbed (10)
  • Blood Paracloacal Gland (10)
  • Pershillie Orchid Petal (12)

Kill Young River Krokodus at the river to the south and harvest 10 paracloacal glands. Collect 12 pets from Pershillie Orchis in the wyrm bonefield. Use Namog's wand to absorb 10 spirits from the Search Bones to the far west. Then return to Namog.


  • Young River Krokodus
  • Pershillie Orchid Field
  • Seared Bones Sightings
  • Namog Nanaba


Starting DialogueEdit

Additional DialogueEdit

Concluding DialogueEdit

Detailed InformationEdit




Known IssuesEdit

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