Intelligence is an adventuring attribute and of prime importance to damage dealing spellcasters, while remaining moderately useful to all other classes.

Your intelligence score determines:

  • the amount of damage your spells cause to enemies;
  • the bonus chance you have to identify spells and recognize tactics;
  • the bonus chance you have to detect opponents and perceive what they are doing in combat;
  • the bonus chance you have to successfully counter opponents' spells; and
  • the bonus chance you have to prevent opponents from countering your spells.

Intelligent RacesEdit

Race Intelligence bonus each level
Gnome +3
Dark Elf +2
Half Elf +2
Kurashasa +2
Goblin +1
High Elf +1
Kojani Human +1 *
Mordebi Human +1 *
Qaliathari Human +1 *
Thestran Human +1 *
Raki +1

* Humans may spend an additional point in Intelligence each level if desired, but do not receive it automatically.

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