Lightning Strike
34 Energy
Arcane EvocationOffensive Target
Calls down a bolt of lightning that deals XX to YY arcane damage to an opponent. At higher levels there is a chance to cast an additional bolt of lightning, dealing arcane damage.
Weakness added Weakness staggered Staggered
Weakness exploited Weakness vulnerable Vulnerable

Lightning Strike is a Druidic arcane direct damage spell, which at higher levels has a chance of striking an enemy twice. For early levels it is the core damaging spell of the Druid's arsenal.


Rank Level Cost Effect
I 1 34 Energy 52 to 58 arcane damage
II 6 67 Energy 154 to 167 arcane damage
III 12 110 Energy 275 to 294 arcane damage, 5% chance for second bolt
IV 18 Unknown Energy 399 to 425 arcane damage, 5% chance for second bolt
V 24 Unknown Energy 530 to 562 arcane damage, 5% chance for second bolt


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