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Name Lyser
Descriptor None
Adventure Level 50
Gender Male
Race High-Elf
Continent Unknown
Chunk Unknown
Town Unknown
Area Unknown
Location -31975, 38676, 36536 in New Targonor (-27, 24)
Civic Diplomacy Unknown
Regional Trader Unknown


Lyser grins. "Here to try one of our outfits? You won't regret it."

Starts QuestsEdit



Ends QuestsEdit



Civic DiplomacyEdit


Runs an unnamed tailors shop, just behind Markus Strongwort in the Citizen's Forum section of New Targonor.

He sells the following:

  • Balms and oils
  • Long sleeve shirts, (black/grey/white)
  • Leather jackets, (black/white)
  • Breeches, (black/grey/white)
  • Skirts, (black/white)
  • Gloves, (black/grey/white)
  • Boots, (black/white)
  • Belts, (black/white)
  • Hooded cloaks, (black/grey/white)
  • Hoodless cloaks, (black/grey/white)

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