Quest adventuring Master Fhungusu (Quest)
Sphere Adventuring
Journal Level 2
Journal Size Solo
Level Offered 1
Starting Location 9950, -6943, 2116 in Shang Village (-20, 13)
Starting Chunk Shang Village
Ending Chunk Shang Village
Offered By Officer Yu
Quest Series Shang Village Adventuring Timeline
Previous The Monks of Shang Village
Concurrent with:
Next Redemption
XP Reward 46
Coin Reward Copper 20
Free to Play yes
Repeatable no
Faction Needed
Presence Needed


Go into the house to the southeast and confront Master Fhungusu.

...Slay him inthe name of the Emperor!...


  • N/A


Starting DialogueEdit

Imperial Officer Yu tells you, "The hour is upon us, Officer <Your Name>. It is time to assault our main objective: Master Fhungusu."

"He can be found in the house directly in front of us and is quite a worthy advesary. Go into his house and confront him. Slay him in the name of the Emperor!"

Additional DialogueEdit

When you speak to Master Fhungusu, the following back-and-forth dialogue is given:


Master Fhungusu: Master Fhungusu tells you, "I have been waiting for you, <Your Name>."

You: "I am here to kill you, Master Fhungusu.

Master Fhungusu: Master Fhungusu tells you, "I know this, <Your Name>. As disappointing as it may be, you will not be killing me today."

You: "Fool, who do you think you're dealing with?"

Master Fhungusu: Master Fhungusu tells you, "I know who you are, <Your Name>. You follow orders mindlessly and slay innocent people. It is time for this to stop."

You: "I am a servant of the Emperor."

Master Fhungusu: Master Fhungusu tells you, "But your service to the Emperor has caused the death of many innocent people. I can see the guilt in your eyes, do you not feel it?"

You: "There is no turning back now, Master Fhungusu."

Master Fhungusu: Master Fhungusu tells you, "We both know what this life of treachery must end. It is time for your transformation. It is time for you to be born again."

You: "What do you propose, Master Fhungusu?"

Master Fhungusu: Master Fhungusu tells you, "I will wipe the blood from your hands, your new life and the path towards Jin starts now."

--- At this point you are teleported off of the island. ---

Celinal asks, "You were sent here by Master Fhungusu?"

Concluding DialogueEdit

Celinal says, "We have much work to do. First, let's remove your Imperial Officer Uniform."

Detailed InformationEdit

Enter the house and take the door on the right.

Talk to Master Fhungusu.

He will teleport you to Dallerjuba village.

Talk to Celinal to complete this quest.




Known IssuesEdit

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