Overheard in the Market Square, New Targonor

"I can’t understand why we must go through this every week. It isn’t like we forget it."

"Oh, I know. Every time we have to wait here while the old fool dodders out and says his prayer. This really has to stop."

"Ha! ‘May Your words form our contracts.’ You think that Iasern was involved in that last agreement with Marcus? If so, you better watch your step for it sounds like you haven’t been praying enough."

"Shush. I know that was a terrible deal but I got the best of him in the end. I sold him that lot of silk shirts."

"You don’t mean the ones that…"

"Oh yes I do. Let’s hope he is wearing one of them when the rainy season begins."

"Oh, that is rich. I can’t wait to see… What? Like you actually are listening to this prayer? Leave us be. Turn around… I said turn around."

"My word, some people."

"I know. Anyways, I think he is finishing up finally. Ah yes, here it is. Come on, say it. Get to the end."

"Thus shall it be."

"Thus shall it be."

"Alright, now we can finally begin the day."

"I swear that prayer gets longer each time."

"It doesn’t. You are only thinking that because you hate to hear it so much."

"No, it does. I certainly don’t remember it having a line about blessing the looms which produce the linens."

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