KDQ Cog BandEdit

The KDQ band has changed slightly. Now the first cog you receive after reaching the rank of Private will have the same effect that the crystal cog band use to, except it offers 4% xp bonus that includes quest XP. The max faction band has an upgraded effect attached to it that should offer more in the way of stats applied and retains its enhancement slots where as the first cog has none. This goes along with the other benefit of the KDQ bands over the IOD charm which is that these abilities will stack with anything where as the IOD charm does not.

Class AbilitiesEdit

  • Fixed the [[Sorcerer|sorcerer] stance bug where they would not automatically re-apply after death.
  • Fiery Intensity, Amplify Destruction, and Amplify Acuity should no-longer be removed when you cast an ability that does not do damage.
  • Hold The Line should now give endurance and energy cost reductions.
  • Shield of Fear should now give its max block bonus regardless of DC.
  • Dark Bastion should now give its max AC bonus regardless of DC.
  • Dark Bastion should now give 15% damage bonus.
  • Symbol of Wrath should now give its max bonus regardless of DC.
  • Provoke should now give its max benefit regardless of DC.
  • Shaman forms should now fire the illusion as a separate ability that you can cancel without losing the benefits.
  • Warder’s Bulwark should work correctly now.
  • Ranger dual arrow issues should be resolved.
  • Warrior ability “Obliteration” should be working now.
  • Fixed issue with Dementia that was preventing it from critting.
  • Fire pummel should no longer agro when building up.
  • Fixed ability modify type displays on several abilities
  • Thestran Human racial should work properly.


  • Added new filters to the chat window for NPC hits others, misses others, NPC buffs, & npc buffs fail.


  • Harvesting nodes in SOD should follow the same rules as other nodes of their type now.
  • Pantheon tier 1 BPs should now display properly for those who choose their sides from today on. Anyone who has already chosen their side and cannot see the BP for sell should contact a GM for assistance.
  • Fixed an issue with Valus 2nd tier trial spawning the encounters on the wrong side.
  • Turned off the Xerklins that spawned in the hallway leading to the second floor of Pantheon.
  • Pantheon deity parlays that give faction should now reset properly every 24 hours.


  • Fixed an issue where enchantments in items that went to escrow would disappear.
  • Enhancement loot tables have been modified so the chance to drop enhancements of different types is more evened out.
  • Ini-Heart should now sell thickened solvents. These solvents allow you to remove enhancements without destroying them.


  • Fixed a mountain of typos.

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