• Guar has been repathed
  • All Halloween costumes have been turned back on.
  • Garsu Horn can now only be used in a specific location.
  • Garsu is now summoned as a golden encounter
  • General - In combat rez spells have had their refresh reduced by 8 minutes
  • General - You should no longer be doubly punished for being resurrected after revive sickness has worn off.
  • Si'Imr-Li the Harbinger will now reawaken Varaduuk the Gatekeeper and go back through the gate after some time of inactivity.
  • General - Overland raid mobs respawns have been adjusted they will now give a 6 day lockout timer and respawn within 1.5 days from death.
  • Made Simona Says Quest Repeatable
  • Fixed some issues with Varking encounter
  • Crash Fixes for APW
  • Spell identification should now work properly.
  • Necromancer Minions will no longer try to heal energy on monks.

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