• Fixed an issue where KDQ bosses and reward items were dropping green items.
  • Crafting organization items reduced in rarity.
  • KDQ Mailbox added.
  • Fixed issue preventing crafting stations from showing on island.
  • Fixed an issue where the reward crates for the non boss daily quests were not showing.
  • The intent for all KDQ quests has been set to group as intended.
  • Furious damage has been increased slightly.
  • The Stone-Etched Mace should now have the proper required classes.
  • Fixed issue with The Violent Earth quest where clerics and shaman were unable to see quest rewards.
  • The drop rate for quest items on KDQ island has been increased a bit.
  • The Kamelott TASC Generator Certification ability and the TASC Generator 5000 item have had their descriptions updated.
  • Kamelott TASC Generator Certification ability has had its cast time increased to 10 seconds.
  • Crafting organization recipe typos fixed.
  • Fixed issue preventing plat coins from dropping from some high level bosses

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