Quest adventuring Redcap Origins - Part 2
Sphere Adventuring
Journal Level 11
Journal Size Group
Level Offered xx
Prerequisites Use Red Candle
Starting Location 36354, 55143, 39470 in Tursh Village
Starting Chunk Tursh Village
Ending Chunk Tursh Village
Offered By Inquisitor Liorana
Quest Series Tursh Village Adventuring Timeline
Previous Redcap Origins
Concurrent with: none
XP Reward 3238
Coin Reward Silver 1 Copper 10
Free to Play yes
Jewelry Reward yes
Repeatable no
Faction Needed
Presence Needed


  • Xaoxin Hold Kojani Slain (15)
  • Red Communication Candle (1)

Slay followers, disciples, seers and wards of Xaoxin in the Riftseeker's Torrent. When done, return to Inquisitor Liorana at the Tursh Academy guardpost.


  • Red Communication Candle


Choice of:

Starting DialogueEdit

Liorana speaks though the red candle. "There is only one sure way to bring an end to the brownie conversions."

"You must slay those responsible for granting Xaoxin his power, for without them, the ulvari master will not have the strength to transform brownies into redcaps. When Xaoxin's followers, disciples, seers, and wards are fallen, return to me in person at the Tursh Academy Guardpost."

Additional DialogueEdit

Concluding DialogueEdit

Liorana says, "I am amazed at all th eplaces the Riftseekers have stumbled across. Who would have imagined that they had opened a portal to the home of an ulvari master."

"Fortunately, you've managed to save Tursh from a dangerous overbundance of redcaps."

Detailed InformationEdit

To complete this quest you need to make your way to the portal leading the Oubliette of the Ulvari Master Xaoxin.

Locate the stairs and go to the bottom of the stairs (furnace area) to advance the quest.

Use the Red Candle.

The Kojani you need to kill are the 3 dot mobs at the bottom.

Ward of Xaoxin Level 10 -11 (Undead, Ghost, 2 dot, aggro)

Disciple of Xaoxin Level 10 - 11 (Undead, Ghost, 2 dot, aggro)

Follower of Xaoxin Level 10 - 11 (Humanoid, Ghost, 2 dot, aggro)

Seer of Xaoxin Level 10 - 11 (Undead, Ghost, 2 dot, aggro)

There's also a named (All Capitals) and a lesser named disciple here.




Known IssuesEdit

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