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All of the civilized races of Telon seem to recognize approximately the same pantheon of deities, though each race also seems to worship one or two of these powers specifically. Shamans and presumably their people in some cultures also revere spirits, representative of different animals or aspects of nature, which are capable of manifesting physically and granting power to their followers. Despite the fact that religion is evident everywhere on Telon, the information available about the various gods and faiths is often difficult to track down.

Known PantheonEdit

  • Alurad "The Skilled"
  • Sihari the Loyal
  • Gloriann
  • Valus
  • Kaerellun
  • Athuloria
  • Caia
  • Mara
  • Dalgrundur
  • Finch
  • Sartholas
  • Haelifur "The Dragon" - No longer truly a god, Haelifur distributed his deific essence among the dragons and his dark elven followers prior to the cataclysm, to avoid his anticipated destruction by Moraj and several other good deities. He was previously the god of tyranny, ambition, conquest, and dragonkind, and he is still worshiped actively by the dark elves. His symbol is a black dragon rampant upon a red field.
  • Moraj
  • Typhon of the Winds
  • Ghalnn
  • Iasern
  • Nobbon
  • Rurkogd
  • Theindal
  • Vaelion
  • Valus
  • Vol Anari
  • Vol Tuniel
  • Vothdar

Known Spirit PatronsEdit

  • Hayatet - Spirit of the Phoenix, domain over flames and fiery destruction.
  • Krigus - Spirit of the Fly, domain over disease and death.
  • Nag-Suul - Spirit of the Viper
  • Rakurr - Spirit of the Wolf
  • Skamadiz - Spirit of the Vulture, domain over carnage and war.
  • Tuurgin - Spirit of the Bear
  • Vaisa - Spirit of Water
  • Veleri - Spirit of Earth

Dark Beings & PowersEdit

  • Kheolim
  • Kaon

Other BeliefsEdit

  • Lao'Jin
  • Ra'jin

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