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Type: City
Continent: Thestra
Map Cell: -27, 27


Rindol Field lies southwest of Tursh. Originally settled by Jessip Rindol and Mara Rindol, it became the new home of the Halflings after Willowroot was abandoned during the Undead Invasion.

Rindol Field has recently been suffering a plague of giant insects.

Geography and climateEdit

Forested and green rolling hills.

Resource rich.


Home of the Halflings.





  • Crafting Instructor:
  • Crafting Utilities Supplier:
  • Crafting Equipment Supplier:
  • Exotic Goods Vendor: Yes (Jorry Tinselweave)
  • Work Order Taskmasters
    • Refining:
    • Finishing:
    • Non-Specified / Special: Yes (Osmal Maradin)
  • Crafting Tables
    • Artificer:
    • Blacksmith:
    • Outfitter:
    • Assembly:





Mailbox: Yes


Telon Global Exchange:




  • Instructors
    • Artificer:
    • Blacksmith:
    • Outfitter:
  • Masters
    • Carver:
    • Thatcher:
    • Mineralogist:


Developer Comments Edit

"The overall feeling for Rindol Field is that of a peaceful cheery community of Halflings. They live and work together and enjoy their quiet quaint village. I think the use of colors and the "coziness" of the architecture really reflects the Halflings and their culture.

I think the center of the village, where the Market is, is one of the best examples of the Halfling “vibe”. It is clear that they choose to live together in such a way that is open and inviting to each other and others. Creating the Market area was one of the key elements to pulling the village together. By simply creating and populating a gathering place, like the Market, it takes it from just a grouping of buildings to a full-fledged village. I think it was the defining element in Rindol Field to truly express the Halfling way of life.

I think my favorite part of Rindol Field is the Watermill….it’s just cool." - Hannah Brown, Artist

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