Quest adventuring Scouting the Keep - Part 2
Sphere Adventuring
Journal Level 24
Journal Size Group
Level Offered xx
Starting Location -57214, -67032, 29424 in Ruins of Trengal Keep (-26, 27)
Starting Chunk Ruins of Trengal Keep
Ending Chunk Ruins of Trengal Keep
Offered By Lieutenant Ararond
Quest Series Trengal Keep Adventuring Timeline
Previous Scouting the Keep
Concurrent with:
XP Reward
Coin Reward
Free to Play yes
Repeatable no
Faction Needed
Presence Needed


  • Ararond's Notes (1)

Retireve Lieutenant Ararond's notes from within the first main corridor of Trengal Keep. Return them to Ararond at the ruins of an outpost just north of Trengal Keep.



Choice of:

XP: 13961

Starting DialogueEdit

Additional DialogueEdit

Concluding DialogueEdit

Detailed InformationEdit

Lieutenant Ararond is located at -57214, -67032, 29424 in Ruins of Trengal Keep (-26, 27)

Enter the main gate at the north side of Trengal Keep. Lieutenant Ararond's Journal is located in the second story of a ruined building of the left (SE) of low wall where the 4 dots make their first appearance. (-16813, -6899, 43134 in Ruins of Trengal Keep (-26, 27))




Known IssuesEdit

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