Select Wood Panel Select Wood Panel
Copper 5
Quality: Grade A
Made by: Crafter
This is a select wood panel used in house building and furniture.
Crafting: Initiate
This item cannot be deconstructed.


Refining Recipe Skill: Forming

Required Grade: C

Ingredients:( 1) Knotted Timber

Utilities: Cleaner Emery

Tools: Saw Drill File Chisel

Description: This recipe creates select panels from raw resources.

Product used in:

Finishing Miscellaneous Recipes

 Qalian Select Wood Cabinet

 Qalian Select Wood Chair

 Qalian Select Wood Keg

 Qalian Select Wood Shelf

 Qalian Select Wood Table

 Qalian Select Wood Tableware

 Qalian Select Wood Weapon Rack

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