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A Vanguard server consists of a complete and separate copy of the game environment. Players connect to their server using the Vanguard client.

In July 2010, SOE reacted once again to dwindling server populations, reducing the final count to 2.

In September 2007, SOE reacted to dwindling server populations by merging some servers together under new names.

The original servers were as follows:

8 US PvE

  • Thunderaxe
  • Florendyl - the official RP preferred server
  • Woefeather
  • Gulgrethor
  • Targonor
  • Hilsbury
  • Shidreth
  • Flamehammer


  • Tharridon

US Team PvP

  • Varking


  • Gelenia
  • Infinium

EU Team PvP

  • Frengrot

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