Oh Lady of Secrets,
She of many faces
Alliances obscured
Motives shrouded
Beware the plots!

She offers me my desires
Setting them out before me
Within my grasp
Her assistance ensured
I enact my plan

Plans within plans
Schemes within schemes
Reasons ever changing
Kaerellun the Cloaked

The end is the beginning
Of new traps
And fresh webs
Entangled are we
Beware the twists!

My plan uncovered
My enemies aware
Fortune turns to ruin
Surprise becomes defeat
Hope is lost

Plans within plans
Guile within guile
Reasons ever changing
Kaerellun the Conniving

Her words entrance -
Your will transforms to Hers
Reward may fulfill
But what is the price?
Beware the lure!

She returns to rescue
My salvation at hand
The prize is mine
But my will is not
I become Hers

Plans within plans
Snares within snares
Reasons ever changing
Kaereullun the Seductress

Conflict, the element,
Strife, the oft-used tool,
The ruse injected
Chaos begets shift.
Beware the feint!

Allies are now enemies
The struggle continues
The hammer of strife
The anvil of conflict
Change is born anew

Plans within plans
Ploy within ploy
Reasons ever changing
Kaerellun the Mother of Strife

-Artois Songbinder

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