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Name Succen Danu
Descriptor None
Adventure Level 50
Gender Male
Race Kurshasha
Continent Unknown
Chunk Unknown
Town Unknown
Area Unknown
Location -35924, 806, 1817 in Ahgram
Civic Diplomacy Unknown
Regional Trader Unknown


Starts QuestsEdit



Ends QuestsEdit



Civic DiplomacyEdit


Clothing Merchant

  • Shirts - Long sleeve (Black, Dark Gray, Gray, Light Gray, Red/Gray, Rose, White, Charcoal, Beige)
  • Shirts - Long sleeve with Vest (Beige/Brown, Black/Gray, Dark Gray/Orchid, Dark Gray / White, Gray/White, Light Gray/Beige, Light Gray/Brown, Rose/Red, Blue-Gray/Blue, White/White, Beige/Light Gray)
  • Shirts - Short sleeve with Vest (Dark Gray, Dark Gray/Orchid, Dark Gray/White, Gray/Light Gray, Light Gray/Brown, Rose/Red, Blue-Gray/Blue, White/White, Beige/Light Gray)
  • Breeches (Blue, Brown, Dark Brown, Gray, Pale Green, Red, Tan)
  • Breeches - Fitted (White)
  • Gloves (Midnight, Tan, Crimson, Dark Blue, Dark Purple, Forest Green, Green, Light Purple, Orange, Purple, Light Gray)
  • Gloves - Long (Blue)
  • Gloves - Cuffed (Brown, Dark Brown, Black, Dark Gray, Light Brown, Gray, Blue-Gray, Light Gray)


Located west of the crafting domed building.

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