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A tank is any character whose job it is to take damage so that other characters in a group or raid don't have to. In Vanguard, as in many other games, this implies three key characteristics:

  • the ability to absorb or mitigate damage
  • the ability to generate threat to attract the 'attention' of mobs
  • the ability to rescue more vulnerable group members when they are being attacked

Tanking Classes Edit

The most obvious choices are the protective fighters: warrior, paladin, dread knight. However, to a lesser extent other classes can fill the role if need be. Often this requires the presence of one or more good healers.

  • Ranger: has some melee ability and can mitigate with the right gear, but probably better off kiting.
  • Bard: crowd control options help bards tank, and they have an on-demand parry ability which helps. However, they have difficulty holding aggro, and once hit they tend to go down quickly!
  • Monk: high dodge ratings help monks mitigate, particularly those that have taken the relevant path.
  • Cleric: surprisingly good tanks due to high levels of heal threat, the ability to become temporarily invulnerable, heavy armor, and the ability to self-heal. Clerics can often relieve a main tank for a few seconds, and assist in protecting the softer-skinned classes. They do have one rescue ability, although once aggro is lost to high DPS classes they have little chance of getting it back.
  • Shaman: particularly in bear (Tuurgin) form, shamans have some ability as tanks.

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