Quest adventuring The Art of Forging Infineum
Sphere Adventuring
Journal Level 26
Journal Size Solo
Level Offered 24
Starting Location -54684, -58170, 24112 in The Infineum Plateaus (-15, -12)
Starting Chunk The Infineum Plateaus
Ending Chunk The Infineum Plateaus
Offered By Head Smith Dudlek
Quest Series Coterie Infineum Sanctuary Adventuring Timeline
Previous Infineum Weapons
Concurrent with:
Next Using the Weapon
XP Reward 10389
Coin Reward
Free to Play yes
Repeatable no
Faction Needed
Presence Needed


  • Forge and Assemble an Infineum Weapon
  • Recipe Book for Infineum Weapons (1)

Examine the book obtained from Dudlek's store and smith an Infineum weapon to show to thim. Smith Korgorth apparently can also help with their creation if it proves to be too diffficult.


  • N/A


Starting DialogueEdit

Additional DialogueEdit

Concluding DialogueEdit

Detailed InformationEdit

Warning: right clicking Korgath will attack him, it is safer to target with tab and hail.

This quest requires money. You may need up to Gold 5 to complete the quest.

Obtain quest from Head Smith Dudlek and buy the book. Talk to Korgorth find out what other items you need to make the weapon(s) of your choice.

Buy the head or blade for the weapon that you whish; also buy the jaft or hilt that it require and return to me.

  • Axe: Short Haft
  • Bladed Staff: Long Haft
  • Club: Short Haft
  • Claws: Metal Grip
  • Dagger: Small Hilt
  • Greateaxes: Long Haft

Greatsword: Large Hilt

  • Hammer: Short Haft
  • Lance: Long Haft
  • Longsword: Large Hilt
  • Mace: Short Haft
  • Martial Staff: Long Hilt
  • Mace: Short Haft
  • Martial Staff: Short Haft
  • Rod (Short Haft)
  • Greatspear: Long Haft
  • Shortsword: Small Hilt
  • Staff: Long Half
  • Greatmaul: Long Haft


  • Infineum Longsword (Longsword, 50-75 damage, speed: 2.75, 22.55dps, +4 str, 22, 27, flag: secret of Forging Infineum.)
  • Infineum Mace (Longsword, 50-75 damage, speed: 2.75, 22.55dps, +8 Wis, 22, 27, flag: secret of Forging Infineum.)

When this quest is done, return to Minerologist Acadd to complete Infineum Weapons.




Known IssuesEdit

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