Quest adventuring The End of Innocence
Sphere Adventuring
Journal Level 23
Journal Size Small Group
Level Offered
Starting Location -35100, -75700, 52875 in Silverlake (-25,27)
Area north side of Unicorn Rock
Starting Chunk Silverlake
Ending Chunk Silverlake
Offered By Myrthion
Quest Series Unicorn Adventuring Timeline
Concurrent with:
Next Myrthion's Cousin
XP Reward 20128
Coin Reward
Free to Play yes
Repeatable no
Faction Needed
Presence Needed


Slay Zar. Zar himself will come to his alter if flowers, which are replusive to him, are sacrificed at the Altar of Zar. Then, bring the unicorn horn and Zar's Wand of Possession to the unicorn Myrthion at Unicorn Rock.



20128 Adventuring experience

Starting DialogueEdit

The Unicorn is among the most rare and noble beings of all Telon.

Thus, it is one of the most cruel and abhorrent acts to murder a unicorn, or to cut its horn from its head.

This unicorn's horn was severed by one of the Zar cultists. Nothing this immoral should be allowed to stand.

Slay the leader of the Zar, known simply as Zar. A sacrifice of flowers will call Zar to his alter.

Then, go explain the situation to the unicorn Myrthion at Unicorn Rock

Additional DialogueEdit

Myrthion speaks by sending thoughts into your mind. "Do not speak to me. You two-legs have hunted us mercilessly."

You silently offer the unicorn horn and Wand of Possession to Myrthion.

Concluding DialogueEdit

Myrthion watches as you place the horn and the wand on the ground before him. He responds after a contemplative pause.

"I see you have slain the cult master, and recovered a horn stolen from one of my kind."

"You are worthy of the reward I have for you, which is my trust."

Detailed InformationEdit

Kill the Zar followers on the Island of the Zar (island in the middle of Silverlake) until you find a Unicorn Horn.

Collect the clickable flowers on the island.


When you have all the flowers, go to the altar on the top of the island.

Click the clickable altar.

Zar Level 23 (Human, Thestran, 5 dot, aggro)

Kill and loot Zar.

Once you have the Wand of Possession, the quest should complete and head to unicorn rock.

Editor's NoteEdit

While the flowers do tell you that you must have a large amount of each in order to make the sacrifice at the altar, I personally, was able to use the alter after having 20 of each item, and it only consumed 10 of each flower. Therefore, it is possible that it only requires 10 of each flower to summon Zar.




Known IssuesEdit

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