Quest adventuring The Monoliths of Torsheim
Sphere Adventuring
Journal Level 30
Journal Size Solo
Level Offered
Starting Location -30711, -33901, 73740 in Falgarholm (-23, 27)
128|-23|27|-30711, -33901, 73740,Carmella Osteria||||||||
Area The Northern Border
Starting Chunk Falgarholm
Ending Chunk Falgarholm
Offered By Carmella Osteria
Quest Series The Northern Border Adventuring Timeline
Concurrent with: None
Next The Monoliths of Falgarhom
XP Reward 37584
Coin Reward Silver 4 Copper 0
Free to Play yes
Armor Reward yes
Repeatable no
Faction Needed
Presence Needed


  • Learn First Rune
  • Learn Second Rune
  • Learn Third Rune
  • Learn Fourth Rune
  • Learn Fifth Rune
  • Learn Sixth Rune
  • Torsheim Reformers, Sentinels, & Protectors Slain (10)

Visit each of the six Monoliths of Torsheim. They are on top of Falgarholm, a giant city east of the Norther Border. Slay the Torsheim reformers, sentinels, and protectors among the monoliths. Return to Carmella Osteria at the Northern Border.


  • n/a


Silver 4 Copper 0
Player's choice of:

Starting DialogueEdit

Carmella says, "Whenever I earn a little extra money, I hire adventurers to find out more about the giants."

"One thing we know is that the giants built the stone city of Falgarholm and the monoliths that surround it."

"The first set of monoliths are the six Monoliths of Torsheim. They rest above Falgarholm, which is down the hill to the east."

"Learn the runes on each of the monoliths, and kill any lesser giants that get in your way. We'll discuss the runes when you get back."

Additional DialogueEdit

Concluding DialogueEdit

Carmella says, "It seems like the runes impressed themselves in your mind perfectly."

"Scholars aren't certain how the runes work, but they hint that the giants had greater magical powers in the past."

"The greatest of giants alive now have forsaken civilization, and instead choose to wander about like great brutes. One of them is Torkald who Mourns. He walks around Frosthard Lake, and sometimes lets adventurers speak to him."

"The lesser giants aren't much more organized, though there are the few, like Hendar, who have allied with the varanjar."

"Most of the lesser giants dwell in Falgarholm, their ancient city."

Detailed InformationEdit




Known IssuesEdit

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