Icon20093 Trading Company Longsword
Bind on Equip
LongswordEither Hand
108 - 163 DamageSpeed 2.75
(29.09 Damage Per Second)
+4 Strength
+4 Constitution
+4 Dexterity
+185 Melee Accuracy Rating (5.36% vs Lvl 49)
+37 Melee Critical Hit Rating (1.07% vs Lvl 49)
Required Level: 45 Adventuring
Item Level: 50
Required Class:
Bard, Blood Mage, Cleric, Disciple, Druid, Dread Knight, Monk, Necromancer, Paladin, Psionicist, Ranger, Rogue, Shaman, Sorcerer, Warrior
This sword is the type carried by New Targonor Trading Company guards. Its design lets anyone wield it with ease, but performance will suffer without skill and training.
Trading company longsword

Trading Company Longsword

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