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To start either of these quests (you can only do one or the other, so choose wisely) you first need to go to Hilsbury Manor, which is north of the vampire slayers camp, which itself (the vampire slayers camp that is) is northeast of misthaven crossing and located just north of the road that heads east from the crossing. The quest can be started at level 21 I think. The Mobs are easily soloable at that level, for the most part.

Just go to hilsbury manor, and start fighting things until you get the new ability "Curse of the Vampire", or something like that. You can also fight against the undead farmers or horses just northwest of the vampire slayer camp (these Mobs are much easier). Then you can do one of the following quests. I did the first one listed here.

Curing the CurseEdit

Received from: Master Kip (Master Kip is in an underground base beneath the vampire slayers base. The entrance is a wooden door laying on a stone floor inside the camp, but not inside a building.) Completed by: Master Kip


Bring Master Kip 3 vials of Infected Blood from the dead villagers lying about to the southwest. Infected Blood (3) Note: The dead bodies you need are to the north of the vampire slayers camp that you just received the quest from, but not as far north as hilsbury manor.(look for body snatchers (i think that is what they are called) they look like undead bears.)


Master Kip looks you over and frowns. "Oh dear, Stride, you've been infected by those monsters!"

"It's a good thing you came to me when you did. I can cure you, but I'm afraid there isn't much time. Quickly, head into the forest that lies between here and the manor and find the bodies of the dead villagers."

"These villagers were infected but died before the disease could run its course, hence its usefulness. If you bring me samples of their infected blood, I can use it to make you a cure!"


Master Kip shoos you away. "Go quickly and bring back the infected blood samples!"

Upon CompletionEdit

As a reward you get a cure that will give you a speed buff at night and a pet, the "Warrior of Light" that you can summon during the day to fight with you

Keeping the CurseEdit

Received from:Darrius Elkentrophe (Elkentrophe is located in a secret compartment off of the dining room inside the castle/hilsbury manor) Completed by:Darrius Elkentrophe


Darrius Elkentrophe is convinced he can cure you if you kill some of the cured villagers in the Vampire Hunter compound.

Cured Villagers \ (10)


Darrius laughs maniacally. "Hoo boy! I see you've been infected with the disease of the dead!"

"Ah, my poor Paladin, looks like you've about hade it for this life! Hoo-hoo!"

"Hmm, I suppose I shouldn't be too cruel, after all you've done so far. Hey, hey! You want to know a secret? I can make it all better!"

Darrius laughs wickedly.

"You just have to go kill some of those cured villagers that them nasty hunters keep around them. Do that and I'll get rid of this nasty ol' thing for you!"


Darrius Elkentrophe cackles with glee. "Go Paladin! Go and kill me some villagers!"

Upon CompletionEdit

You get the ability to turn into big bat that has a levitate ability once per night, only effective at night. You don't need to kill anything beforehand for faction, you can just invis and run in. Unfortunately, you will keep the current form of the curse, which gives you a buff at night, but a debuff during the day. I don't know what exactly the debuff is though.


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