Quest adventuring Warn the Shield
Sphere Adventuring
Journal Level 11
Journal Size Solo
Level Offered 11
Starting Location 36354, 55143, 39470 in Tursh Village
128|-27|27|36354, 55143, 39470,Inquisitor Liorana||||||||
Starting Chunk Tursh Village
Ending Chunk Tursh Village
Offered By Inquisitor Liorana
Quest Series Tursh Village Adventuring Timeline
Previous none
Concurrent with: none
Next Patrol the Shield
XP Reward 1905
Coin Reward Silver 1 Copper 10
Free to Play yes
Repeatable no
Faction Needed
Presence Needed


Journey south to the dwarven dam called Themnwar's Shield and report to Inquisitor Hammerheart.



Starting DialogueEdit

Liorana says, "if the Cartheons have managed to slip though the defenses of Bordinar's Cleft and reach Tursh then they might already have troops ready to attack other towns, like Three Rivers or..."

She pauses in contemplation, "Themnwar's Shield must be warned! If Cartheons manage to gain control of that dam they could destroy it and flood the entire vale."

"Go to Themnwar's Shield and inform Inquisitor Hammerheart of what you've discovered, he will know what to do."

Additional DialogueEdit

Concluding DialogueEdit

Hammerheart says, "Tell me you have some good news for this tired old dwarf."

"The Cartheons you say?" inquires the inquisitor.

"though this is grave news, I am glad you have brought it to my attention," says the dwarf.

"Unfortunately, the troubles of the world are present even here, at Themnwar's Shield," says Hammerheart. "Believe it or not, but the dwarves are in a bit of disagreement over working toward the alliance these days, and even the threat of the Cartheons is not enough to open their eyes."

"We'll need some solid proof if we are to change their minds."

Detailed InformationEdit

Themnwar's Shield is on the road that leads south of Tursh Village.

Inquisitor Hammerheart is on the Tursh side of the dam.

You may want to do the Needle in the Hay quests too as he will also ask you to go to the shield.




Known IssuesEdit

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