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General Tiburon,

Enclosed is the final report concerning one Captain Rastus Willem and his actions leading to and during the fall of Targonor. Willem was widely known as a brute of a man, but a fierce warrior and a good soldier. He had been linked to a number of incidents that seem to have been swept under the rug, but never brought much attention to himself until he was implicated in the slaying of a ranking official in the court after a royal function.

There was no condemning evidence against him, however. Willem was transferred to a new, lower command and the entire situation was soon forgotten. The captain was no simpleton but his power was limited and he alone could not have manufactured the cover up or the transfer. We believe now, that he was involved in a larger, more organized group. This has all the tells of the Crimson Ring, but of course, we have no substantial evidence.

During the salvaging of Targonor we were able to unearth many documents we may have normally never been privy to. Acquiring these documents has not been easy, but with small enough groups moving quickly we are able to get into and out of the city without being detected… most of the time. What follows is what we have been able to piece together, as close to chronologically as we are able to estimate.


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I have just turned a shipment away from the gates. Next time I will confiscate the goods and put the drivers in prison. Consider our relationship terminated.


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Willem's Stand Page 2

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